Avoidable Mistakes while Hiring

Every wrong hiring costs much more than the cost of hiring. It costs more money, more time and brings uncertainty for work going on, creating more doubts and less confidence in the hiring process prevailing.



By Gallup’s estimate, a $15/hr. employee costs a minimum of $15,600 to replace. Replacing a manager salaried at $50,000 could cost up to $100,000!

These unnecessary losses to your bottom line can be avoided by hiring smarter. Hire smarter. Here are some tips from our national employment agency to help you avoid common mistakes in your hiring process.

Top 5 Mistakes in Hiring

Planning is not enough.

Every employer has a need for hard-to-fill positions or urgent hiring. Reactive hiring is extremely inefficient. Do not wait until there is a vacancy in your position before you start recruiting.

  • To predict future needs, analyze your current talent supply and demand.
  • You will need to determine which of these needs can be filled internally and which ones you’ll need to recruit for.
  • Before you hire, it is important to start building a candidate pool.
  • Partner with Akscellence, a professional staffing and recruitment agency, to forecast your requirements.

Sticking to a close net instead of reaching a wider network.

You’re missing out on a lot of talent if you don’t post your job to your company’s job board. Referrals, job boards, and your company website are all good sources.

You can also use social media to connect with talent communities, network at career fairs, industry conferences, and partner companies. To access a wider applicant pool, you should develop a comprehensive recruitment strategy for each role.

Lack of Proper job description in the job post

While accurate job descriptions are important for effective hiring, they are only one part of a job posting. You can attract top performers by selling the job in your posting.

  • The “What’s in it for me” (WIIFM). The “What’s In It For Me” (WIIFM) is a creative way to explain the job’s significance and key tasks. This appeals to the applicant’s career goals. You have a better chance of convincing a candidate to take up a job that is important.
  • Clarify your skills, capabilities, knowledge, experience, and personal traits required for the job.
  • Your corporate culture. If the candidate’s values are not aligned with the company, they won’t be qualified.
  • Exceed minimum requirements. Make a list of the “success factor” that each person must achieve in order to succeed – use these to complete your job posting.

Lack of a structured interview process.

Interviews that reveal a candidate is fit for the job and aligned with your culture are not something you can do by chance. It takes careful training and a structured process. For your team to succeed, create a solid framework.

  • Formal training is provided on how to ask open-ended questions and evaluate behavioral answers.
  • Training interviewers in active listening and nonverbal cues.
  • You will need to provide a list of questions for all candidates, as well as a bank with customizable questions that are appropriate for each role.

Reference check is a must

Your job is not complete until you have thoroughly vetted the candidate. Why? Research has shown that 78% of potential employees misrepresent themselves in the hiring process.

Follow the same process for verification of your potential employees’ education, employment history, character, and other details before hiring.

Are you looking to hire better people every time?

Akscellence can help you with your job search. Our On Target fulfillment process delivers the right skills, attitude, and culture to every candidate using industry-leading technology.



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