Top ways to improve Talent Acquisition

You already know what it takes to find qualified candidates for your job. The pressure on HR and TA teams to find the right talent is increasing as unfilled positions and poor hires can lead to significant financial losses for your company.



Here are a few proven ways to improve your talent acquisition strategy.

Concentrate on the 5 C’s

Every organization must identify and implement the best recruitment strategies in order to attract top talent.

Promote and enhance the following 5 Cs

  • Enhance company Credibility by right branding
  • Make Salary and benefits Competitive
  • Have the right Culture in a company, share the vision and mission with all
  • Show full Commitment to strategy and shared plan
  • Set Challenging but achievable goals and outcomes

Utilize social media

Hiring managers have to rely heavily on transaction-based agencies and job boards saturated with applicants. This leads to all companies taking from the same pool of resources resulting in making it more competitive and a lot of duplications.

To find alternate ways to seek more candidates, Job seekers are now using social media to find jobs. Use hashtags to enhance your social media recruitment efforts.

Help HR departments from getting overwhelmed

Many HR departments are overworked or understaffed. This can lead to last-minute hiring decisions, onboarding decisions, and even last-minute recruiting. One needs to make sure we are not in such positions for most of the time for an organization.

For interview/onboarding of candidates:

  • Engage in honest, open conversations to build a mutual reputation and let resources feel comfortable for open communication
  • Have reasonable and realistic expectations based on experience and market trend
  • Explain company work culture during onboarding, it has a good appealing effect on potential joiners
  • Create and maintain a learning plan to help employees understand and increase productivity during their stay in the company. Good resources like to upgrade their skills often which helps the company also for potential future opportunities.
  • Partnering with a dedicated recruiting firm is a good option if you don’t have time to do these important tasks.

Try and test options using different engagement methods

Often Recruiters struggle to establish the right connection with their target talent and/or find the right “organizational match”, especially in relation to millennials or Gen Z.

By 2030, approximately 75% of the workforce would be millennials. Current millennials prefer to text messages over calls. This is also true for Generation Z. Ask yourself: “Are we approaching the current generation as potential employees in the right way ?” If you cater to their preferred communication methods, you will reap the rewards of higher recruitment succe

Look for a balance in compensation offered

Employers who favor the lower end of the pay scale experience higher turnover and spend more time and effort on hiring. The cost of hiring, onboarding, and recruiting–along with the costs of unsuccessful or unfilled hires–often exceeds the cost of a quality hire.

Compare your staffing costs with your hiring costs to see the results. It is better to spend 6 lakhs INR for a top-quality candidate than 9 lakhs INR on someone who will recruit, hire, fire, and replace an employee who is less efficient.

Build your business brand diligently

Many companies tend to spend more time and effort on the recruitment process, but not enough on employee retention. One needs to make the right balance of it.

You can create a brand by doing the following effectively:

  • Offer Exciting perks and incentives
  • Give Flexible hours and work arrangements
  • Offer Comprehensive PTO packages
  • Give Stock options, if possible
  • Encourage “Work to Live” and not “Live to Work”
  • Work to create Positive workplace culture


These talent acquisition strategies can improve your overall recruiting strategy, even though your company may be facing some challenges. These talent attraction tips can help you make an impact on the candidate market.

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