How to appreciate remote employees

It is simple to praise employees. Free. It is free and can have a major impact on your business' retention, motivation, engagement, and overall performance.



Given the past year, the recognition of employees is even more important. What are the best ways to express gratitude for your team in these hybrid and remote workplaces? These are some remote-friendly ways to show your appreciation.

Remote-Friendly Employee Recognition Ideas

Give it all.

Give employees compliments, appreciation, and thanks for a job done well. Listed below are some ways to show appreciation more effectively:

  • Be sure to praise the effort and results. There are many forms of praise. Match the praise to the effort to ensure you hit the mar
  • Give praise quickly and be specific. A particular behavior or result will make the most impact. To be able to praise an employee, you should detail the effort, time, and result.
  • Equalize the playing field. Allow everyone to be recognized for their achievements and contributions.
  • Scream out on video. Recognize employees in team video calls.

Get social

You can share praises and thanks with your employees on your social media accounts (with their permission).

  • Make a thank you video featuring your team members who have worked hard on the job.
  • You can create a series of graphics that you will post to your accounts. Each graphic will feature a picture of a deserving employee, their name, job, and why they are so grateful to be part of your team.
  • Invite customers, vendors, or clients to tell stories about their favorite people and why they love working with them. Make sure to share your comments on social media.

Work from home with your equipment.

It’s possible that your employees don’t have enough income to furnish their homes. Ask employees to compile a list with items they would be willing to give and to ask them to request the items they want. These are some to think about:

  • Ergonomic desk chair
  • High-speed internet
  • Headset or microphone
  • The USB ring light is great for those who need to be on the camera, but don’t have good lighting in their office.

Employees can choose their perks.

Keep a few digital gift cards in your wallet. You can thank employees remotely or on-site by giving them the option to select the retailer, and then email the digital gift cards.

Be creative.

It can be difficult to find the right way to show appreciation to remote workers.

  • To show appreciation, invest in “think-time”.
  • Do some online research to find a remote-friendly idealist.
  • To find out the most valued expressions of gratitude, survey employees

Akscellence can help you.

Employees will be more satisfied if they have access to the right staffing support. This shows that you value their contributions and respect them. Show your appreciation for your employees this holiday season by:

  • Giving a day off to a deserving employee
  • Encourage employees to take vacations they have earned
  • Unexpected absences can be covered by our highly-trained associates
  • You can increase your staff to meet seasonal demand and reduce stress on your core team.



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