Customer Experience has been a rising trends over the last few years in terms of better response time, more thoughtful engagement, better and faster fulfillment of their orders, and cost-effective solutions and products, to name a few. Customers are more informed today than ever, thanks to the abundance of information available and the availability of so many sellers. Customers will look for other options if they don’t get the correct feedback.

Customer Experience Trends

The use of technology is making customer journeys more appealing and enticing. Many businesses now consider customer experience a competitive advantage. This article examines the potential Customer Experience Trends. Let’s get to it.

1. Convenience of Online Shopping 

Online shopping is the best way to shop. It’s never been easier to click the “Buy Now” button online.

This trend gained momentum during the pandemic lockdowns that saw online shopping rise incredibly. It seems like it won’t stop.

Social channels have improved the customer buying experience. WhatsApp, for example, has a feature called ‘Collections’ that allows users to shop by category. Instagram offers personalized recommendations, and Pinterest is expanding its features to allow users to shop directly on the platform.

2. Instant Gratification: New Norm

Instant gratification is now the norm. Customers today are much more educated. They are more informed and expect the best (personalized) service. According to Forrester, customers can expect a response within 5 min.

Speed. Convenience. Satisfaction.

These are the three essential qualities for today’s demanding customers. The Customer Experience Trends will be considered a failure if none of these is met. Although this may sound harsh and extreme, the truth is that customers need instant gratification.

Advanced systems such as AIs, CDPs and DXPs are used to speed up gratification.

Sanjay K, Akscellence

Same day deliveries, Same-day money transfers Chatbots can help you resolve problems. Modern customers expect these gratification methods and will continue to demand them as technology advances. These are gratification techniques that you should do well.

3. Offer unique experiences

It’s possible to make a big difference by doing a little extra. Businesses are taking this approach to improve customer service.

It is becoming increasingly popular to offer customers the opportunity to try out the brand’s products and build loyalty.

It is not new to align customer needs with real-life educational events such as cooking classes, DIY workshops, and competitions. There has been a rise in brands making customers feel more involved in the Customer Experience Trends. Nike allows customers to use technology to find suitable matching shoes for their user. This can increase brand exposure and help customers find new products and services they may not have considered.

Giving something tangible can be a way to make augmented reality possible.

4. New Kid in the block: NFTs

NFTs are new. These are ‘non-fungible tokens,’ which can be traded or sold on a blockchain. They will become more popular and more mainstream as they are used more.

What can NFTs do to improve customer experience and engagement?

Smart contracts can be carried by NFTs, which could impact customer engagement. Kings of Leon was the first NFT to release an album. They received 18 golden tickets, which had to be unlocked. The golden tickets were unlocked by those who were lucky enough to receive great perks such as front-row seats at future concerts.

NFT will continue to grow, and more customers and businesses will invest in it.

5. The Metaverse effect on customer experiences

The Metaverse is the most significant change in customer experience. The Metaverse is making huge strides in digital transformation through AR and VR.

It is possible to imagine your avatar roaming the Metaverse using a sophisticated headset. It is possible to pitch Metaverse products.

Meta (previously Facebook) has invested millions into the Metaverse. Already this year, there have been concerts and weddings in the Metaverse.

We will soon have a full-fledged Metaverse online ecommerce platform. Nike has already begun to sell products to your avatar. Nike has purchased virtual sneaker company RTFKT, allowing them to create digital samples of their products without having to make physical ones.


As 2022 unfolds, more digital Customer Experience Trends and marketing trends will emerge. This will enhance the offering of products and services.



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