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Sitecore XP and XM are great CMS solution options for medium to large-sized businesses. Sitecore XP or XM is a web content management system (WCMS) that can help you achieve your digital goals.

Sitecore is a global leader in digital experience platforms and powerful marketing tools. Thousands use it across the globe by multi-site and multilingual businesses. Sitecore’s ability to support multiple websites and internationalization is one of its key reasons for being chosen.

Sitecore does not place any restrictions on what visitors see. Sitecore allows visitors to create engaging experiences across all devices and platforms.

Sitecore CMS A Platform Built from Scratch.

Sitecore is constantly evolving. Sitecore constantly evolves with annual updates and new releases that provide incremental, regular improvements to the solution.

The latest features are created from scratch. They share a joint source code base and an application programming interface (API). This improves code quality and code management, as well as reduces the learning curve for developers.

The Sitecore user interface (UI) is also standardized across all features of the Sitecore Experience Platform. It makes it easier to learn its features and allows users to get the most out of the entire platform.

All features are accessible from one interface. It makes it easier to adopt the feature set as you don’t need to log into multiple systems.

Use the same content on every site and channel.

Sitecore’s very first versions were headless. Separating content and presentation.

There are many benefits to a headless CMS. One of the most important benefits is that content can be reused on multiple sites and channels. You can format the same content to suit any channel. You can use the same content on different channels, such as web, mobile, social or app.

Sitecore uses content components in a page. A page is made up of a collection of reusable content items.

Sitecore solutions allow content components to be reused across multiple pages or sites. They can also be personalized and tested for marketers and content editors.

It is simple to create pages. The Experience Editor allows content editors to create new layouts using the components available in a simple WYSIWYG interface.

The content editors can see each component’s stage in the content approval process. This allows content editors to see each component’s stage in content approval.

Do Advanced personalization using AI capabilities.

The digital strategy now includes tailoring content for visitors. Sitecore XP allows marketers to achieve their ROI goals by delivering content to the targeted audience based on various conditions such as location, campaigns, etc.

You can extend Sitecore’s sophisticated out-of-the-box personalization rules to include bespoke rules specific to your business.

Sitecore’s offering will continue to evolve as AI technology improves. Sitecore 10 will include artificial intelligence (AI) auto personalization. This will make personalization easier for marketers, saving them time and money.

Use its Powerful features and Marketing Tools.

Sitecore’s powerful features and supplementary tools enable digital marketers to create measurable customer experiences. These features include:

  • Tracking and creating campaigns and goals
  • To better understand the behavior of visitors, create profiles and personas. Tag content.
  • Use the Path Analyzer to create funnels and paths to analyze the journeys visitors take through your site
  • AI Personalisation.
  • Moderating content using Workflows
  • Testing content
  • Tracking and creating forms
  • Creating events and taxonomies
  • Building marketing automation programs
  • Email Experience Manager (EXM),
  • One customer view
  • With Print Experience Manager, you can create high-quality PDFs.
  • Sitecore Commerce – Building storefronts
  • Content Hub Managing large amounts of content

Built on the solid foundation of .NET, Microsoft Azure

Sitecore was built architecturally using the.NET platform from its initial releases. Sitecore’s rich API allows for flexible, extensible and scalable integrations with other systems like ERP and CRM.

Sitecore and Microsoft have joined forces to enhance Azure’s offerings, including machine learning for personalized visitor journey building.

Offers Integration capabilities

Sitecore integrates with many third-party systems because it is so flexible. Sitecore comes with connectors for Dynamics CRM, Dynamics 365, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It also has an Active Directory module. These modules enable customization to meet specific business requirements in an easily usable, consistent and maintainable way that is also upgradeable.

It integrates with:

  • Coveo, and SOLR (search).
  • Smartling, Lionbridge (language transitioning)
  • Ooyala and Brightcove (video).
  • Telligent (community)
  • Twitter, Facebook, Klout, (social)
  • More…

Sitecore offers a media library that you can use for digital asset management (DAM). You can use Sitecore’s media library to store assets in Azure blob storage or file system. Sitecore also offers a Content hub, which provides more digital asset management and creation features. This combines content production, collaboration and management into one integrated solution.

The Media Library can index assets by searching and can be faceted. It also has functions that allow you to search by taxonomy or facet. You can control usage rights in the same way as content. Sitecore integrates with third-party DAM systems.

In the Last

Regardless of your industry, Sitecore is the best platform for your business. Akscellence has developed, built and supports many multi-site, multilingual Sitecore solutions. Our experience includes integrating Sitecore with ERP or CRM systems like Dynamics or Salesforce. Contact us to learn more about Sitecore and how it can revolutionize your business.



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