How is Data Visualization Used in Business Intelligence?

Data Visualization is the visual or graphical method of representing the data. Using Data Visualization in Business Intelligence, one can represent the data in a Visual way and so that users Can make better decisions.




Data Visualization is the visual or graphical method of representing the data. Using Data Visualization in Business Intelligence, one can represent the data in a Visual way and so that users Can make better decisions. Using data visualization, the user can make the raw data into the Visual Representation and Easily Find Out the Valuable Insight. 

The usage of Data visualization has increased by 10 times in the market. It has been used in almost all industries in today’s era. From the small to big enterprises, everyone is using it. Visualization helped to make better decisions and work towards the growth.

Data visualization Dashboard consists of the data which has been extracted by the tool from different sources. Know More about the Popular BI Tools Used In Analytics.

In Business Intelligence, Data Visualization can be done in two ways:

  1. Design of visual Interface for communicating information
  2. Follow the Guidelines of BI software

Using Data Visualization, all the data has been represented within a single screen. Now End users can understand the data, and it would be easy for them to monitor it. Using proper Visualization, it can achieve more than one objective.

Advantages of using Data Visualization: 

  1. It helps to process the information faster.
  2. It helps to memorize the data quickly.
  3. Through this, one can represent complex data rapidly.
  4. Data visualization can draw the attention of the users.

Different forms of Data Visualization in Business Intelligence:

  1. Charts, Diagrams and Dashboard
  2. Infographics and Illustrative Diagrams
  3. Diagrams, Image and Graphics
  4. Computer Generated 3d Graphics
  5. 3D Virtual Reality
  6. Animated Diagram and Virtual Reality

Usage of Charts in Data Visualization:

Charts are one of the essential forms of Data Visualization. A graph is a combination of lines, points and areas. Graphs are used for the Various Purpose in Business Intelligence. They are used to find the Comparisons, Profiling, Distribution, Composition and Relationship. 

Different kinds of charts that have been used in the Data Visualizations. They are Bar Chart, Column Chart, Line Chart, Radar Chart, Pie Chart, Area Chart, Histogram Chart, Scattered Chart, and Bubble Chart. 

Different Purpose of Data Visualization in Business Intelligence:

  • Data Exploration, Analysis, Decision Making
  • Information Seeking, Artistic Illustration,
  • Casual Communication
  • Making Content more engaging.
  • Easier to understand the complexity 
  • Demonstrating the scenarios. 

Business Intelligence Data can be represented in different formats like graphs Charts. Here You can Read How analytics is better than traditional reporting.

To Monitor, the data three process has been followed. 

  1. A big picture has been scanned. 
  2. Once the picture has been examined, the data in the picture has been linked to the supporting details.
  3. It Is then focused on essential information.

While representing the data, the users need to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Most important data is never missed. This information should be highlighted so that it would seek attention.
  2. Arrange in a way so that more information can be added in a small place in a better way.
  3. Make sure that the arrangement makes sense
  4. Try to achieve multiple objectives with a single arrangement
  5. Try to give more information with less data

Some techniques that can be used to represent the data in a better way:

  1. Make use of different colours
  2. Show information in different shapes and sizes
  3. Try Pictorial Representation.
  4. Lines and dots make good sense.
  5. Represent in the form of tables 
  6. Show more details in pointwise 
  7. Show in the form of bar charts, pie charts, line charts, graphs 
  8. Use different formats in text like underline, italics, bold, Caps small, writing in a different colour, sizes, different fonts etc.

A better way of improving visual communication:

  • Change the stacked bar to the bar graph
  • Remove the background colour of the axis
  • Use three different shades of the same hue for a bar chart. 

Few things that you need to avoid while designing the dashboard:

  • Don’t mess the data                       
  • Choosing the wrong charts to display                                                             
  • Having unwanted data  
  • Bad User Interfacing
  • Showing excessive information 
  • Interpreting the data in the wrong way                      
  • Exceeding the boundaries of a single screen        
  • highlighting unwanted information                                         
  • Adding meaningless data                                                             
  • Misusing of colours                        
  • Not proving the actual data
  • Selection of the wrong form of display media

Frequently Asked Questions about Data Visualization:

What are data visualization techniques?

Few of the techniques that have been used for Data Visualization are:

  • Know Your Audience:

Knowing the target audience is very important. Based on the knowledge of the audience, one can represent the data.

  • Set Your Goals:                                      

Think about what you want to show to the audience. Make the work done based upon that.

  • Include Comparisons:

Comparison helps to understand easily. Compare the old data with the new data and make it work in a better way. 

How data visualization helps any business?

It helps to analyze and understand the current business scenario based upon the data is represented. 

If you one can derive the key points, and make use of it effectively then one can help to grow the business in a better way. This is applicable for all kinds of business.

Is data visualization a form of business intelligence?

Using Business Intelligence, the data is extracted. This data has been represented in an understandable way which is known as data visualization.  


Data Visualization in Business Intelligence helps the users to adequately represent the data which will help in taking decisions in different perspectives. The real-time data which focus on current performance can be described as a better way. It helps in understanding data and responds promptly in one place.

It is essential to know how to represent the data in a better way. If you are unable to do that, then you might fail to make user users understand. Let us know if you are facing any such kind of issues. Our experts would surely help you to figure out the problems for you and will help you.



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