Every Business has multiple correlated day-to-day activities, that makes it challenging to capture data and correlate KPIs and Metrics from different sources. Incoherent data increases the possibility of having false positives from your data. So, here comes a tool Like Microsoft Power BI, which easily integrates with your existing business data, correlates them, adds analytics […]

Data visualization is the graphical representation of data(from one or multiple sources) showing some meaningful & actionable (business) insights out of it. Data visualization tools are required to make it possible. Let’s discuss Top Five Visualization Tools in the market, its use and much more. Nowadays Visualization Tools are Universal and help businesses to analyze […]

HR analytics is the method of accumulating and analyzing Human Resource (HR) data to enhance an organization’s workforce productivity. This is also called people analytics, workforce analytics, or talent analytics. In this process, data is timely collected by the Human Resource of the company and compared it with the organizational objectives of Human Resources. This […]

Problem Statement You must have a question like what are business intelligence tools and systems are available nowadays? Possible Solutions The proper utilization of data to receive insights and finding trends is essential for businesses to scale and adapt as the years go on, where the business intelligence software comes in the picture. Potential uses of […]

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