webMethods: Filled with Innovation to help in Digital Transformation



webMethods is there to help you create substantial business value by facilitating your system integration.

Your digital business is wired for growth, and now you have to get control of your APIs. Furthermore, you should incorporate AI, IoT and chatbots and adopt the devops. To make these advancements happen, you’d like to elevate and shift an integration system to cloud, and move your applications into the digital world.

Did you know you could accomplish all of these tasks by using webMethods?


Scale your application to your heart’s content, employ different programming languages, change in real-time, build and expand modular integration services as required by your application.

Lift and Shift:

Wrap your existing webMethods integrations using containers such as Dockers, and move them into the cloud in order to accelerate cloud migration.


Combine your operations and development processes, by using local development as well as automated testing to enable continuous integration to speed up delivery.

Big Data:

Ingest, refine and release Big Data in order to analyze, sort and parse it in a way that’s fast and flexible to implement Big Data initiatives.

Bi-modal IT:

Quickly create applications within your existing IT framework that distinguish your business. Allow developers from all backgrounds to connect to and build integrations.


Manage your APIs from beginning to end by implementing API management that speeds up the development of your API programs. Transmit your information and services via APIs in order to build an ecosystem that will generate additional revenue sources.

Dynamic Apps:

Develop strong business applications built on orchestrated, controlled and monitored business process and workflow. Utilize low-code and automated robotic processes (RPA) to lower the costs of creating and using apps.

Streaming Analytics:

Utilize real-time information to transform your company from one that reacts in response to an event, to a model that is driven by events; gain immediate insights and react according to the current market.

Machine Learning:

Combine ML in conjunction with AI and analytics predictive to develop innovative products and services that impress clients and keep competitors out of the way.

Internet of Things:

Create new services for your business and revenue streams by using “Things” and integrate them into your business processes.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

Create the perfect hybrid team made up of machine and man with robots that do the heavy lifting of repetitive, administrative and boring tasks.

Cloud Integration:

Are you moving into the cloud? Consider a hybrid approach. WebMethods Hybrid Cloud Integration allows you to integrate your cloud-based applications together with your on-premise, enterprise class applications to make sure that all of the important business processes are running smoothly.


So, This is all about webMethods application and integration with various platforms. Let me know which are you using webMethods in your project and which kind of integrating is most valuable for you.



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