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Attrition Analysis

Boost Attrition Analysis with Machine Learning

As a working professional we all know how the system works in all fields of business. Human Resource is the only asset which has its various factors affecting working and productiveness. Employees are considered as the backbone of any organization and here Attrition Analysis Comes

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Azure ML Studio

Azure ML Studio – Experiencing Machine Learning with Drag & Drop

Artificial Intelligence is showing its capabilities and putting the world in astound mode. One of the thunderbolts of Artificial Intelligence is when various platforms like Microsoft and Google introduce the concept of Azure Machine Learning requiring minimum human interference and inputs for predictions. There is

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Object Detection using Azure ML
Data Science

Object Detection using Azure ML

In this world of Corona virus government and private organization want to ensure people are wearing mask. They need a platform which can quickly identify whether a person is wearing a mask or not. This can be achieved by Artificial network which will recognize if

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How ML Promise to Revolutionize the Lending Industry?

Credit-lending is an old industry for more than 20 decades and cater to major functions of banks and financial institutions. Credit has its own prominence in human lives and in all industries that involve monetary transactions in some forms. Throughout the years, the lending industry

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Business Intelligence (BI)

Why Traditional BI failing to resolve Business problems?

Problem Statement Why Traditional Business Intelligence techniques are failing to resolve today’s Business problems? Possible Solutions The goal of Business Intelligence is to provide right-time information to management and function as a decision support mechanism. Below are few challenges in using Traditional Business Intelligence techniques. IT spends

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