Developing a company is a significant challenge. It will take commitment, civic foresight as well as informed decision-making to achieve that. This consists of collecting and precisely employing the exact data that pushes, advises, and incites new brand activity. This is the area where business analytics provides self-service data discovery capability along with data governance, […]

Retail Analytics provides powerful insights using data to provide information on all aspects of a retail business. It provides deep insights via Inventory Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Customer Analytics , Sales Analytics, Product Analytics, Retails Store Analytics and many more to empower business in crucial decision making. What is Retail Analytics? Retail Analytics will give […]

AI based Insights in Power BI The Power BI team has been working tirelessly to integrate AI capabilities into traditional BI scenarios. Because Power BI is constantly evolving, it’s easy to miss, or be unaware of, specific features. There are various AI and ML capabilities currently available in Power BI. The key takeaway here is […]

Problem Statement Why Traditional Business Intelligence techniques are failing to resolve today’s Business problems? Possible Solutions The goal of Business Intelligence is to provide right-time information to management and function as a decision support mechanism. Below are few challenges in using Traditional Business Intelligence techniques. IT spends months or even years building out dashboards and reports based […]

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