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power Bi for business

How Power BI Helps to Expand your Business

Every Business has multiple correlated day-to-day activities, that makes it challenging to capture data and correlate KPIs and Metrics from different sources. Incoherent data increases the possibility of having false positives from your data. So, here comes a tool Like Microsoft Power BI, which easily

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Benefits of BI Tools
Business Intelligence (BI)

Benefits of Using BI Tools in Marketing Analytics

As a Marketer, we know that attention span is usually 8 seconds. Still, We rely on PowerPoints and Excel sheets for reporting. What’s the most frustrating thing about creating a PowerPoint presentation, spending hours formatting and writing insights, only for your boss or client to

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Data visualization Tools

What is Data Visualization and List of Top Five Visualization Tools

Data visualization is the graphical representation of data(from one or multiple sources) showing some meaningful & actionable (business) insights out of it. Data visualization tools are required to make it possible. Let’s discuss Top Five Visualization Tools in the market, its use and much more.

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