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Sitecore Analytics

Sitecore Analytics: Overview

Sitecore analytics gives marketers valuable insight into visitor behavior and activity. Sitecore can also use the data to create personalized experiences. Sitecore analytics is powered by the Experience Database (xDB) and displays insightful analytics reports. These reports enable marketers to make informed budget decisions, improve

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What is Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics provides powerful insights using data to provide information on all aspects of a retail business. It provides deep insights via Inventory Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Customer Analytics , Sales Analytics, Product Analytics, Retails Store Analytics and many more to empower business in crucial

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Business Intelligence (BI)

Why Manufacturing companies need Analytics?

Problem Statement Why Manufacturing companies need Analytics Possible Solutions The top three areas where analytics can improve manufacturing performance. Better forecasts of product demand and production, Understanding plant performance across multiple metrics and Providing faster service and support to customers Analytics-driven order management drives customer loyalty Organizations can use predictive analytics to redesign

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