Employers know how painful it is to hire the wrong person for the job.

Sometimes relationships don’t work out and we need to part ways. It doesn’t matter how qualified or experienced someone is for the job. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are a good fit for your position.

What if you could prevent that from the beginning?

You can’t see into the future. However, you can start to write job descriptions that attract qualified candidates.
Employers don’t always write good job descriptions. This article will show you how to create a job listing that attracts the best candidates for your positions.

Why is writing a job description essential?

It’s not difficult to write a good and proper job description.

A study by Career Builder found that over half of employers have employed a poor candidate for the job. Employers in the United States cited the negative effects on the workplace as a decrease in employee morale and loss of profits due to the time spent training the poor candidate.

It’s important to note that these “bad hires” weren’t necessarily unqualified, or lying during interviews. There’s a good possibility that the employer gave less than stellar job descriptions.

Your candidates only make up half of the hiring process. The other half is your responsibility.


You’re not the only one. Many employers don’t know how to market their business to potential employees.
Understanding how to create a job posting has never been more important due to the evolution of workplace cultures and workplace environments. It is important to include all information a candidate needs about the job and your workplace culture.

It is not an easy task. These are some tips to help you create a job posting that attracts the best talent to your position.

Keep Job Description Concise but to the point

Indeed shows that job descriptions between 700 and 2,000 words attract 30% more candidates. Although this is quite a broad range, even 700 words give you plenty of space to sell the job.

The job description should be clear and concise. It should also give a detailed picture of what a typical day looks like for potential employees. Candidates don’t want unsuccessful interviews.

Get input from relevant persons related to the open position

The people who do the job every day are the best at it. Ask your team members in marketing to tell you what qualities they look for in a colleague if you are looking for someone to join the marketing team and what should be avoided.

Give a range of salaries

Would you hire a motivated, enthusiastic candidate who has a little less experience? Sometimes the most qualified people don’t always make the right choice for the job.

By specifying a salary range, you can help to find employees who would be willing & motivated to learn and grow to fit into that salary range.

Request a Unique Cover Letter

Request candidates to send a cover letter containing useful information that isn’t normally found on a resume. What do they hope to gain from the job? What qualities are they looking for in a workplace that is ideal?

To give you some inspiration, here are some examples of bad and good job postings

A few key points should be included in your job posting:

  • The official title.
  • This is a quick summary of the main points in the first few sentences.
  • An overview of the expectations and responsibilities.
  • Prerequisites and requirements required for the job.
  • Give an example of a daily situation.

These job posting examples can be used as a guide for understanding what works and what doesn’t when creating a job description.

Do Not Do This

Front Desk

  • Answering phones
  • Greeting patients
  • Assist the doctor when needed
  • Compensation upon interview

Use bullet points instead of short sentences in your job posting. It’s not enough information. What will the candidate be speaking to over the phone?

What qualifications will they need to assist the doctor? What qualifications are required? A general rate of compensation is a must for all qualified candidates.


As a customer service rep, join our chiropractic office

We are a busy practice in Seattle, Washington and we need a front desk associate who is motivated to join our team. We value teamwork and customer satisfaction.

These are the job duties

  • Setting up appointments over the phone and checking company email.
  • Phone coordination with insurance companies
  • Assist patients in settling in and guiding them back to their rooms.
  • Answering patient questions as needed.
  • Setup of the X-ray machine, and sanitizing table.

Starting at 5 lakhs INR per year, compensation is negotiable depending on experience.

This job posting example shows the candidate that they are busy at work and will need to work with others to accomplish their goals.

It is easy for the candidate to determine if the salary is right. The candidate also gets a glimpse of what a typical day looks like before they decide it’s not right for them.


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