How to Hire More Women in Tech Industry



We all are quite aware of the advantages of enhanced gender diversity in any workforce. That is why many companies focus on making deliberate attempts to hire more and more women in their current workforce.

This does offer its own set of challenges since one has to make sure there isn’t any compromise of any skills just to get to diversity. Rather one has to make a stronger case to justify the need to go for diversity. 

Men Domination in Tech Industry

The tech industry in particular has been traditionally more male-dominated, though it doesn’t have to be that way. As long as employers are willing and able to make those opportunities available, there’s plenty of room for everyone.

According to the WomenTech Network, while women hold half the jobs in the U.S., and more than half the college degrees, only 26.7% of tech-related positions are filled by them. The statistics will continue to be shockingly low until the tech industry acknowledges their role in the recruitment process.

What Experts Says:

Paula Ratliff, President of Women Impact Tech, a non-profit organization that promotes equity in tech, states that it’s a dual problem: the employers don’t always implement the best hiring practices and women aren’t necessarily seeking them.

Ratliff states, “It is a supply-demand problem.” “Women are often very loyal. Once we find a great job, we tend to stay with those companies longer than our male counterparts. We don’t look for new opportunities like our male counterparts and we don’t do as much research in the market. It is very difficult to recruit women in technology.

48% of women working in STEM and tech jobs reported discrimination during the hiring or recruitment process. 66% reported that there was no clear path for them, while 39% reported that gender bias was a major barrier to their access to tech jobs, according to Builitin, an online platform for startups.

Five Tips to Hire More Women in Tech Industry

There is a way to completely rethink the process of recruiting and to ensure that women are recruited in a safe, inclusive, and fair environment.

Offer flexibility  to manage all aspects lives: 

Women can have a difficult time balancing a busy home and work life. This is unlike their male counterparts. It is crucial to give female applicants and workers the ability to concentrate on both.

Ratliff states that only 22% of women polled after the pandemic said they are willing or able to return to work full-time. Remote work is crucial for women who are trying to balance caregiving at home with their careers. Employers who are open to flexibility should bear the burden.

Plan workplaces and benefits considering diversity in mind:

Employers won’t be able to attract diverse talent if they don’t provide benefits plans and systems that are tailored to them.

All benefits will be important for persons of color, women and the LGBTQ community. You must choose benefits that will help you attract that community and improve the workplace for them if you want to recruit.

The tech industry has the resources and means to make these changes if they wish. Employers should offer childcare in the workplace for working moms. They should also consider expanding their benefit options to include demographic-specific health and wellness options, such as alternative family building options.

The most sought-after employee benefit is mental health.

Here are some ways employers can help.

  • With the rise in anxiety and depression among employees, it is imperative that your company offers support for mental health.
  • The inequity of employee benefits is growing and it’s only getting worse
  • Employers can help even the playing field by creating an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Account.

This will allow them to personalize their benefits and not subside coverage for certain segments of the workforce.

Support DIVERSITY beyond the DEI statements

It is one thing to say you support diversity and inclusion, but it is quite another to actually do so. Female applicants and employees know this distinction.

Ratliff states that it is essential to create a supportive culture in mentoring and business resource groups. “Ensure that the underrepresented groups, those who are often bullied and least supported, have a support system through mentorship and sponsorship that will help them in the company’s culture and help them to advance their careers, wherever they start within the organization.”

Aspire for Equal pay

It is essential to foster equality by compensating your female base in the present and in the future.

Ratliff advises that it is important to be as transparent as possible about your pay schedule, and how it looks at different levels within your organization. Transparency will help you attract and retain talent who are underrepresented or perceived to have less pay equity than their peers.

What you Say

So, these are the some steps which must helpful to Get Hire More Women in Tech Industry. what’s your take in this matter. Let me know your comment.



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