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Sitecore Experience Platform Implementation

Problem Statement Sitecore CMS is the robust content management system that scales forenterprise needs. Possible Solutions Sitecore CMS is the robust content management system that scales for enterprise needs. It provides deep data insights and delivers omni channel personalized content in real time. Global brands turn

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Sitecore deployment strategies

Problem Statement Nowadays enterprises want applications to be deployed in such way that new version of the application can be introduced to production without making user see that application went down even for some time. From the user’s and the company’s point of view it’s

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Sitecore vs. Other CMS

Problem Statement The ever-increasing connectivity of people and machines has changed market demands. And, in order to keep up, and at the same time stay competitive, businesses need to adjust to these demands by digitizing their processes and business models Possible Solutions The ever-increasing connectivity

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Business Intelligence (BI)

Why Traditional BI failing to resolve Business problems?

Problem Statement Why Traditional Business Intelligence techniques are failing to resolve today’s Business problems? Possible Solutions The goal of Business Intelligence is to provide right-time information to management and function as a decision support mechanism. Below are few challenges in using Traditional Business Intelligence techniques. IT spends

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