Be Accountable, Be Active Thinker as Employee and Person

How to Become Accountable Employee? Be a Active Thinker you are aware of responsibility and accountability, you have ability to react to situations Positively without blaming other.



Are you guilty of making excuses for things that weren’t your fault? Are you curious about why you have bad luck? This is likely passive thinking.

Passive thinking is often a result of not being accountable for one’s actions. Passive thinkers see blame and assign responsibility. Active thinkers are aware of their responsibility and accountability. This is their ability to react to situations and give an account.

Accountable Employee 

Accountable Employee at work is dependent on the ability to respond to what happens in their lives, even when it’s beyond their control. They are willing to take responsibility and act for things they can control, while making adjustments for those that are not.

Consider your commute as an example. It’s not your fault if the commuter train arrives late due to problems on the track. There are still ways to take responsibility for your commute even if it’s delayed. It is possible to plan alternate routes to work. Keep in touch with your employer to ensure they are aware of any delays. You can bring your laptop along with you to work in a coffee shop nearby or from your home if your commute is difficult.

You can also participate as an employer in the transit pass program. This allows you to respond to delays and make accommodations, rather than penalizing employees for being late.


As an employer, parent, partner, or employee, you must accept responsibility. requires self-awareness. Start by asking yourself three questions whenever you are unable to control the situation.

  1. What would you have done differently?
  2. What can I do to avoid this in the future?
  3. How do I transform an apparent weakness into strength?

Consider these questions and the answers. Now, you can put your solutions into practice (the answers to questions 2 and 3). Take control of your decisions and take action. This will help you to be accountable for your actions (i.e. Reporting to your boss in a positive manner that benefits you will be easier. You have no control over the actions of your boss.

Don’t think of accountability as something you have to do with. It is about being an active thinker who reacts to obstacles and bumps with creativity, agility, and self-awareness.


Active thinking employees are able to self-reflect and find ways to improve. (including how they account for their actions. Your employer can help improve your communication, strategy, generation of reports, and tracking your time and effort in a way that reduces passive thought and passive language.

Instead of thinking and talking about what you can do and how you will do it, think and speak in terms that of the actions you take and the things you are able to do. Talk to your boss about how your thinking and speaking affects your performance.

It is important to accept responsibility for your work and not just accept the fact that things are as they are. There are always ways you can add value to your job. Your employer will be happy if you continue to look for ways to improve and enhance your performance.

Working with Yourself

These are examples of things you can do to actively take responsibility for your job, even if the world seems to be conspiring against it. A mindset of accountability can be applied to all areas of your life: personal relationships, parenting and volunteering, as well as paying your bills on time.

Active thinking is not only beneficial for the workplace but also helps you to grow, excel and develop compassion for yourself and others. Passive thinkers see blame and who is at fault. Active thinkers consider how to react to the situation and how to move on.

A passive thinker might ask “Who’s to blame?” in an argument with a partner or spouse. Active thinking would ask, “Who’s to blame?” A more active approach would be to use phrases such as, “How can this be improved?” What can we do to fix it? What can we do to fix it?


We can all learn active, responsible thinking. You can put it into practice every day, even in the most mundane of situations.

As an example, as you wait for the delayed train to arrive, ask yourself these questions.

  • What can I do to make the most of my time waiting?
  • What can I do for my family, friends and clients to fix the inconvenience or damage this delay has caused?
  • What are my options for responding to these and other situations?

Active thinking starts with awareness of the fact that we have the ability and ability to take responsibility for our actions and to respond to the world around. These abilities can be used to help us grow in all areas of our lives.


Akscellence is committed to growth, accountability, and taking risks–getting comfortable in uncomfortable situations–as one of our core values . We want you to succeed in your job. If you share our core values, why not consider joining the team ? Let’s go on an adventure together and grow!



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